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33kV Ltd is a specialist UK based energy consultancy that has been involved in the UK plc's move to distributed generation over the past 20 years. From large scale Wind and Solar to the more recent rise of STOR and Storage projects. 33kV Ltd offer a combination of in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure successful project delivery.


Designing, building, connecting and maintaining

Within the UK the rise of Distributed Generation has grown at a rapid pace since 2005 when one of the company’s principal engineers connected the then largest onshore wind turbine plant to the National Grid.  33kV Ltd have since been involved in designing, building, connecting and maintaining hundreds of mega watts of both fossil fired and renewable energy across the UK


33kV Ltd is a company that is dedicated to delivering effective and efficient systems that are both commercially viable to build and safe to operate.

National governments and local communities across the globe look to spread the benefits of electrical networks to their populations. At the same time, they are aiming to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels.

These twin goals have meant that electrical generation, and the electrical networks they supply, is ever changing as traditional fossil fuelled plant is intertwined with the new generation of renewable energy plant that is being introduced.

The impact of renewable energy upon electrical networks designed for mainly fossil fuelled forms of generation has been immense.   It continues to pose problems for network operators located in both mature and new evolving economies.

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